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Plumbing Installations

ANS have the capability to design, construct and commission plumbing system in any developments. Our experienced water service license plumbers will ensure that the installations meet our client's expectations and authority requirement.

Sanitary / Sewerage Installations

With years of experience in minor sewerage and sanitary system, our registered plumbers strive to manage and complete the project timely, meeting the authority requirement.

Gas Installation

From residential to commercial, our license gas service workers will ensure a fast and safe installation complying to all local code requirement.

Rainwater Harvesting System

In view of the demand of sustainable building design, we also specialize in rainwater harvesting system which includes rainwater treatment system complying with NEA requirement for non-potable usage.

Grey Water Recycling System

Apart from the rainwater harvesting system, we have done other system such as grey water recycling where used water from waste outlets such as basin are collected, treated and reuse in the development for non-potable usage.

Rainwater Pipe Installation

With plumbing and sanitary as our main forte, we also provide installation services for rainwater downpipe, both conventional and siphonic system for our customers for years.

For other small plumbing works, ad-hoc works, water tank cleaning, pump maintenance, leak detection, choke clearing etc. Feel free to whatsapp us with detail or pictures @ 85264313

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